Megan Berger


Megan Berger is the owner and CEO of Heritage Moving and Storage – a family-owned and operated company.

Megan has started in the moving industry in 2013 as a customer service agent and built herself up learning threw all the customers and managers from the dispatch department to the operations department. She found her career and heart in a field she understands how to operate in the best to make sure all our customers and staff feel comfortable and things are done properly. In a mostly Man ran industry it is great to see a woman climbing to the top.

Megan takes full pride in her company to excel and succeed and to be the best it can be in the nation. She believes that hard work through your goals will lead you to success and to achieve your dreams.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Heritage Moving and Storage and what makes it so unique!

“I look forward to continuing to excel in my business not only for myself and for my staff and customers but for my family to have a legacy of what I have poured my dedication into.”


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