The most tiring and complicated part of moving is probably the packing part. The more stuff you have in your house, the more you have to pack before you are ready to move. We can recommend our packing services as part of a full-service move.

As a professional moving company, Heritage Moving and Storage is ready to help you in different packing aspects. We come prepared to give you support with both our professional services and experience.

Heritage Moving and Storage professional movers have the necessary training and knowledge for moving your house effectively and efficiently. You can expect them to work much faster and more organized than doing things yourself. Moving companies would have many kinds of packaging boxes prepared to have your stuff packed safely and economically. The only thing you need to worry about is whether you choose the right moving company to get the job done.

We could pack every stuff you need professionally, with safety as our priority. Even the drawers which need special care, we could professionally pack and move it safely to your new home.

How about the electronics and art collections? Many people still worry about their art collections and a huge plasma screen would receive some damage even with proper packaging. We could build you custom crates to give your valuable stuff extra protection while the transportation is in progress.

The next step after packing is the unpacking. This process is also almost in the same complicity level of packing. You need to carefully arrange your packed stuff so that you could unpack them as soon as possible.

Some of your stuff might be in urgent need right after moving, such as dinnerware, cookware, and your working suit. Place one packaging in the wrong spot and you could end up looking for your stuff all over the house. Our professional workers could help you with the labeling of each packing so that you wouldn’t have a hard time recognizing the contents of each packing.

Do you need your new house arranged to look like the old one? We could also provide you with the identical set-up for your new home.

You could still feel nostalgic feelings just like when you live in your old home. People say that you would need some time to adapt to your new home. However, with this identical set-up, we doubt that you would need any time at all to feel like home.

Do you need an expert on Feng Shui to help you with the set-up of your new home? We also have partnerships with experts of Feng Shui, just name your need, and we will provide you. Besides the Feng Shui, you could also enquire for professional cleaning and organizing services from us. With our expert partners, you could expect to have the best service in town.

You can just enquire about us, Heritage Moving and Storage can assist you with all the packaging needs of moving your house belongings. 

Services we provide

Local and Long-Distance Moving
Our company has comprehensive experience in handling local and long-distance moving. We are ready to help you no matter what your moving destinations: Hawaii, Alaska, or even Guam. We are ready to serve you moving to faraway places without hassle and fuss.

Long-distance moving can be very tiring and time-consuming. Heritage Moving and Storage is the right company to help you move and ensure that your goods arrive at their destination safely and in the best conditions.

Storage Options

Heritage Moving and Storage can help you to get rid of the moving hardships with the help of professional staff and in an organized and safe way. We are aware that the most troublesome thing in moving is when you load and unload your important stuff.

Our company provides storage services to ensure your goods are safe and not damaged in any form. You can decide how long to keep the item until your new place of residence is ready. We also provide unpacking services to help you remove and organize all your goods.

Professional Assistance 
All our staff is experts in the field of long-distance transfer. With the expertise gained from experience serving various clients, you can be sure you can be calm in the process of moving up to your destination.

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